【tdr0401】The photo wasn’t taken? The reason the camera doesn’t work at Splash Mountain


“Splash Mountain” was opened at the same time Critter Country of Tokyo Disneyland opened in October 1st 1992.

It is a thrilling attraction that falls the steep slope for 4 times by going the waterway with log typed boat and it is only attraction that guests get wet at Tokyo Disneyland and is a very popular attraction that even called “three biggest mountains” along “Space Mountain” and “Big Thunder Mountain”.

The best part of this attraction is the thrilling falls.

And to see the picture that is taken during the attraction after is one of enjoyments of this attraction. The pictures are purchasable, so it is great for the memory, but sometime the pictures are not able to purchase by camera not working properly.

Guests probably get disappointed by not having photo taken when looking forward to see it.

But this has certain circumstance.

That is when guest’s “inappropriate behavior” was shot by camera.

When guest flips the bird, exposing, takes immoral behavior, or behaving inappropriately that makes others feel unpleasant it cannot be shown to other guests, so they are not showing it publicly with excuse of “failed”.

Casts cannot say “some guests are behaved inappropriately, so the picture cannot be shown”.

It is very disappointing when not able to see the picture of the memory of going on the attraction after waiting in the queue for long time.

Let’s have fun while following the rules to not give unpleasant feeling to other guests.

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