【tdr0390】Let’s shorten the waiting time! The trick of Splash Mountain


One of three biggest Mountains that exists at Critter Country of Tokyo Disneyland is “Splash Mountain”.

Since the opening in October 1st 1992 this attraction has been popular at all times and the only attraction that “guests get wet” at Tokyo Disneyland.

The popularity is tremendous that it is common that waiting time goes over an hour on weekends.

The waiting time can be shorten when able to get fastpass, but when the fastpass finishes guests have to queue on the stand-by queue.

If you are queued up on your own then going on the “single rider” is one of ideas, but when you are with family, friends, girlfriend, or boyfriend then that is out of question.

I could say let’s queue up on the stand-by queue without saying anything, but there is a way of making the waiting time shorter.

The way is to “queue up on the right side of stand-by queue”.

“Splash Mountain’s “ queue goes clockwise, so the inner side of queue is right.

To queue up on the inner side can shorten the waiting time, although it is little.

May be there are people who think “if it’s little then there is no point”, but “you just have to queue up on the right side”, so it is worth trying.

Wait on the right side for Splash Mountain. Please try.

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