【tdr0375】Magic can be seen when taking photo with flash on?


“Cinderella’s Fairy Tale Hall” opened on April 15th 2011 at Fantasyland of Tokyo Disneyland.

This is a walk through type attraction that created in motif of “Cinderella”, which was released in 1950 in America and constructed by spending about $20 million on inside the Cinderella Castle.

Inside the attraction there are art works out of each scene from “Cinderella” like dioramas or pictures are displaying and you can walk and look freely after getting explanation from cast.

So, among many art works there is one picture has magical performance to it.

That is the picture has drawn “fairy godmother” at hall.

When just seeing it is just a picture smiled “fairy godmother” pointing up the stick, but when taking photo with “flash”….

You can take photo of magic lights floating from the stick.

The magic won’t show by seeing it with your eyes or “without the flash”

This is such a magical performance.

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