【tdr0373】The number of falls at Pirates of the Caribbean is different depending on the country?


“Pirates of the Caribbean” is an adventure type attraction that has been renovated enormously.

An adventure type attraction goes around the world of pirates that recreated with audio animatronics by boat type float ride is “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

On April 15th 1983, this attraction was opened at the same time Tokyo Disneyland opened and huge renovation that adopt “Pirates of the Caribbean” was occurred on July 20th 2007 and became one of popular attractions at Tokyo Disneyland that “captain Jack Sparrow” or “captain Hector Barbossa” appears.

So, this attraction is not a scream type attraction it is “an adventure type attraction goes around world of pirates”, but there is fall once as soon as the ride starts.

You may get scared little when not knowing that happens.

But this is only the story at “Tokyo Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Actually the first Disneyland at Anaheim falls twice.

On top of that second fall comes right after the first fall like as if it is feinting. It is quite mean performance.

When you are used to the version of Tokyo Disneyland then you may be surprised.

Disneyland park in Paris falls twice like Anaheim’s. Magic Kingdom in Florida falls once like Tokyo Disneyland’s.

Attraction that has same title gets different depending on the country.

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