【tdr0366】Pooh’s Hunny Hunt is full of honey smell


“Pooh’s Hunny Hunt” became one of popular attractions since it opened on September 1st, 2000.

It is a ride type attraction that takes you to an adventure of 100 acres of forest, which is the stage of Winnie the Pooh by getting on ride shapes of “honey pot”.

This attraction is still one of popular attractions as of 2015 after 15 years since it opened and there is an amazing creativeness about “honey”, which is the theme of this attraction on this attraction.

That is “smell of honey”.

At the end of the attraction, to let the guests shave sense of getting stuck in the tree of honey at the scene of Pooh getting stuck in the tree of honey artificial flavoring that smells of honey gets jet out.

To stimuli the sense of smell not just visual or hearing makes this attraction have presence.

Also, honey flavored popcorn is sold just outside the attraction and because it is heated up with high temperature, so rich honey smell leaks all around the attraction.

This is one of creativeness about “Pooh’s Hunny Hunt”.

It is fun to make your stomach enjoy with popcorn after having fun time at attraction.

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