【tdr0363】The national man’s voice can be heard at Western River?


Tokyo Disneyland was opened on April 15th, 1983 and “Western River Railroad” that goes around by going from Adventureland to Critter Country, and Westernland is also opened at the same time.

When it opened it was the “real” steam locomotive that uses kerosene as fuel and the body has classical design that reminiscent 19th Century of America.

So, this Western River Railroad you will hear familiar voice when you getting on the train.

The owner of that voice is “Takeshi Aono”.

Mr. Aono is in charge of narration since 1999 after “E.H. Eric” who was in charged since it opened. Actually Mr. Aono is such a well-known person who does actor, voice actor, narrator, and is appearing countless number of animation.

To pick few famous ones up he does “Lord Piccolo” from “Dragon Ball Z” and Tomozo Sakura (second generation: September 24th, 1995 to June 20th, 2010) from “Chibimaruko chan”.

That is why you have heard his voice before.

Also, Mr. Aono does narration of “DisneySea Electric Railway” or “H.G Wells” from “Visionarium” other than “Western River Railroad” and also he is participating Disney animation as a voice actor too.

Mr. Aono was appointed for many films like “Jasper” from “101 Dalmatians II”, “Dr. Vile” from “The Little Mermaid”, “Alex” from “Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas”, and “large troll” from “Tinker Bell and Lost Treasure”

Unfortunately he has past away on April 9th, 2012 due to multiple cerebral infractions after operation of Dissociative thoracic aortic aneurysm, but still we can hear his voice at “Western River Railroad”.

How about hopping on the Western River Railroad to listen to Mr. Aono’s enjoyable narration?

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