【tdr0359】What obstacle made suspend the tram?


“Jolly Trolley” is a tram attraction that operated for 13 years since opening April 15th, 1996 to April 14th, 2009.

It ran the railroad from “Mickey Avenue” of Toontown to “Downtown” and two trams were operated at the same time.

The tram looked sweet and because it can enjoy the view of Toontown from the tram, so kids loved it. “Jolly Trolley” was working other than the days of bad weather or maintenance, but occasionally it gets suspended.

The “wall” that created on the railroad was the cause.

Actually the waiting queue of the attraction shut the railroad and influenced on the service of tram.

Especially in 2004, the queue of Buzz Lightyear ‘s Astro Blaster, which opened at Tomorrowland was unbelievably long that the queue continued near the “Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey” when it opened.

It is understandable why the tram was suspended when there is queue that goes out the theme land.

By the way now the railroad is filled up, so we all cannot go on the tram, but the tram itself is set before the depot and is now became the photo location.

How about taking photo of it or with for the memory?

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