【tdr0355】After over 30 years “Jungle Cruise” boat is still active


“Jungle Cruise: Wildlife expedition” is opened at the same time as Tokyo Disneyland and after rebuilding repeatedly it grand opening on September 8th, 2014.

It takes you to the new jungle world that kept history continuing from long time ago.

At “Jungle Cruise” it used to use simple boat that has red or blue striped roof.

This started to renovate one after another from around 2000 to put owner’s name on the boat and the interior decoration was changed.

Most of the boat was renovated, but one boat still has red stripe roof and used even now.

That boat is an explorer “Volta Val” boat.

This is the one and only boat that taking guests to the Jungle since the opening.

It is amazing how it still active now after over 30 years since the Tokyo Disneyland opened.

May be you can feel the flow of time when getting on this boat.

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