【tdr0333】The amount of water of Splash Mountain changes?


“Splash Mountain” was opened at the same time the Critter Country opened at Tokyo Disneyland on 1992, October 1st.

It is to experience the story of “Song of the South” by going the waterway with log shaped boat. As the catch copy of TV commercial, which was on TV when it was opened, “dive to thrill” it is a thrilling attraction that falls 4 times on the steep slope.

Also, it is the only attraction that guests get “wet” at Tokyo Disneyland and is very popular.

DO you know that there is difference with getting-wet-attraction in summer and winter?

Actually the amount of water splash is different when land on the water after falling down.

The reason is hiding behind the weather of summer and winter.

It is obvious, but summer is hot and winter is cold.

In summer people feel cool when getting wet and the clothes are easy to dry, because it is hot outside, but in winter clothes become cold by cold air that doesn’t even get dry, so people might get cold. Therefore, the more of water is set in the summer and less in winter by adjusting the angle of steepness.

“Splash Mountain” that is located other than Tokyo Disneyland the amount of water is set more than Tokyo because the average temperature is high and humidity is less.

It might be ordinary, but to consider about the climate of the land and because Disney is always considering such a small thing, but a big thing, so it is able to keep the theme park classy.

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