【tdr0329】The second highest waterfall of Tokyo Disneyland


On 1992, October 1st, “Splash Moutain” was opened at the same time as Critter Country of Tokyo Disneyland opened.

It is an attraction to going into the log shaped boat to fall steep slop for total for four times by experiencing the story of “song of the South” by going forward of water way and is the only thrilling attraction that you get wet.

Actually this “Splash Mountain” is the highest waterfall at Tokyo Disneyland… Well I am sure you all know about this without I explain this. It is such a popular attraction. The height is of course and the popularity is unbelievable.

So, do you know the second highest waterfall?

The waterfall can be seen closely at “Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes”.

The “Folk Rock Waterfall” that exists at American Rivers of Critter Country is highest next to “Splash Mountain” at Tokyo Disneyland.

Even it is second highest it is powerful when you see it so closely. Don’t underestimate it.

Some reason second always becomes the existence having huge gap between the first.

Even there is only a slight difference the fact of second reduces the value more than it should. Phrase of “What kind of reason there is to become world number one? Is it not good enough to be second?” became famous in 2009. It would be a great idea to pay attention to second and third not just with 1st.

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