【tdr0305】Western River Railroad cars have names?


The attraction that opened at the same time as Tokyo Disneyland is “Western River Railroad”.

Boarding area is located at Adventureland and goes back to Adventureland via Critter Country and Westernland and is the “real” steam locomotive.

Now it is using kerosene, but used to use heavy oil and the body of vehicle has design that actually was the design of the locomotive of 19th century in America, so it reminds you the old days of classic steam locomotive.

So, 4 of steam locomotive’s cars have names on each.

Green: Missouri No.28
Red: Colorado No.53
Vermillion: Rio Grande No.25
Blue: Mississippi No.20

As you can see above the name is the “name of river that exists in United States of America”. That naming is only Western River Railroad can think of.

Also, it used to have only 3 cars, which is “Missouri”, “Colorado”, and “Rio Grande” when it first opened. “Mississippi” joined from 1991 October, so the shape is slightly different.

The reason whey “Western River Railroad” has this name even it is an attraction of Adventureland is because “the main passing area is Westernland”.

You just have to agree on this.

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