【tdr0262】The key and way of enjoy finding hidden something rather than hidden Mickey.


There is one of ways to enjoy Tokyo Disney Resort is to find “hidden Mickey”.

To find Mickey Mouse that is blended on the wall, ground, or decoration is now became the typical game. It isn’t that easy to find, so many people get little happiness when finding it.

So, this “hidden Mickey”, because Mickey Mouse is hidden, so people call that, but it doesn’t always Mickey Mouse that only hiding. Actually there is other Disney characters are hiding too. And the number of other characters hidden is less than Mickey Mouse, so this is more rare.

One of the rare hidden characters is “Goofy”. So, where this “hidden Goofy” can be found?

It can be found inside the “Mickey’s House and Meet Mickey”, which is located at Tokyo Disneyland. The room has bright yellow and green colored automatic playing piano. Behind the yellow door, which is set in front of that automatic playing piano there is music roll that has symbol of Mickey everywhere is rolling and symbol of Goofy is mixed in there.

It is rolling and the symbol is so small, so it is quite hard to find it.

Also, pay attention to the bookshelf above fireplace of Mickey’s house. Goofy is secretly drawn on the book that is in the bookshelf.

As you can see, Tokyo Disneyland has various “hidden characters”. Is fun to find “hidden Mickey”, but how about finding rare “hidden characters”?

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