【tdr0236】The huge present that was delivered to Tokyo Disneyland.


1983, April 15th is the day of Tokyo Disneyland opened and is the day of theatre type attraction “Mickey Mouse Review” opened in Fantasyland.

This attraction is created for Disney characters like Mickey Mouse to have a concert and you could enjoy the concert by Disney characters that are made with audio-animatronics and watching or listening the very old Disney videos or music, which was stored as it is.

So it was popular indispensable attraction for Disney fans, but unfortunately it had to close for the reason of it getting too old in 2009, May 25th. It worked hard with Tokyo Disneyland since the park was opened, but we could no see it no longer.

This “Mickey Mouse Review” was an attraction that existed in Florida’s Walt Disney World of Magic Kingdom (which is the one of Disney parks that exists at Walt Disney World Resort now).

How come it came to Tokyo Disneyland then?

Actually this attraction was given to the late Masatomo Takahashi (President of Oriental Land when Tokyo Disneyland was opened) who putted so much effort on opening the Tokyo Disneyland as a present. As a present it is a bit huge, but this is how much Masatomo Takahashi contributed to Tokyo Disneyland that if he weren’t there Tokyo Disneyland wouldn’t be here in Japan.

That is why “Mickey Mouse Review” that has history of Magic Kingdom arrived to Tokyo Disneyland.

To know these backgrounds don’t you feel pity about it does no longer exist? As one of Disney fan it would be wonderful to continue having repairing done. Or may be they have done that already.

This is just a guess, but wouldn’t it be great if it appears before us in any form.

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