【tdr0232】What is the mysterious well that exists at Minnie’s house?


“Minnie’s house” is located at Tokyo Disneyland of Toontown.

The roof that is based around the color of purple and window shaped heart. The exterior that can be seen and know it is Minnie’s house from far away is the feature. Even inside the house is very unique and cute that interiors are all round and furniture are decorating inside the house.

Unfortunately you will not be able to meet Minnie Mouse here where you could meet Mickey Mouse at “Mickey’s house and Meet Mickey”, but there are tons of things that you can enjoy at Minnie’s house like you can look at pictures of Mickey and Minnie’s memory, listen to voice messages, can even touch the oven or dishwasher.

Anyway, there are more to enjoy at Minnie’s house other than inside the house. At the backyard of “Minnie’s house”, there is well that is surrounded with pink fence and throw a coin to the well.

Then what happens…? You hear Minnie Mouse’s voice. Actually, when throwing a coin there is a trick of playing 5 different messages from Minnie randomly.

I am sure you are curious about the messages. The messages are as below.

“Your wishes reached upon a star”
“The dream that you wished will come true”
“Don’t give up that’s the secret of making wishes come true”
“I like to make wishes”
“Wishes are wonderful”

You can hear wonderful messages that are related to wishes or dreams from Minnie Mouse.

From Minnie’s message this well is named “wishing well”. If you have a wish or dream that want to make it come true then throw a coin in the wishing well.

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