【tdr0210】Where is the homeport of Mark Twain?


Riverboat that is floating on the Westernland of Tokyo Disneyland is “Mark Twain”

The riverboat is decorated with gorgeous ornaments that is even called “Palace of water” and is a 4 layer structure riverboat that is structure by main deck on the 1st, promenade deck on the 2nd, and deck terrace and control room on the 3rd.

The number of capacity is 475 people.

I am sure you will be surprised how big the Mark Twain by just seeing.

And it actually goes around the “Rivers of America”, so it is beyond the bound of theme park.

The huge riverboat that goes around with having people on board…. Then the ship law becomes related. Actually “Mark Twain” is registered as passenger steamer based on the ship law. When registering the name of riverboat and homeport is needed. So, the riverboat was registered under the named of “Mark Twain” and the homeport is actually “Urayasu port”, Chiba in Japan.

“Mark Twain” is usually located inside Tokyo Disneyland “Rivers of America”, but the homeport couldn’t be the theme park.

On the riverboat there is a rule of displaying the nationality of the riverboat other than the name, so under the “Mark Twain” it says “Urayasu”, which is the Mark Twain’s registration. Of course it is consider to not for the guests to notice, but once you know it you get curious and wants to see it.

Speaking of a ship, American Waterfront of Tokyo DisneySea has floating hotel “S.S Columbia”. You may think this ship is also having related with ship law… but this is “floating hotel type building”, so the ship law doesn’t get involved.

When you know a dreamland have factors behind you can go around the park having different perspectives.

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