【tdr0170】”Snow White” attraction of Tokyo Disneyland has different color?


Ride type attraction that is opened at the same time of opening the Tokyo Disneyland is “Snow White’s Adventures”.

This is attraction that you can experience the story of “Snow White” from the point of view of Snow White” by going on the ride that is shaped of dwarfs bed that that runs on mine railway, but it seems having scary atmosphere.

Also with this attraction there is no scene of her getting happily ever after with prince, which is the last scene of the story of “Snow White”, so it ends up the scene of “The evil Queen trying to drop the rock on the Dwarfs head”.

It seems very incomplete and even though attraction’s title is “Snow White’s Adventures”, which sounds very bright, but how did this happened?

Actually there are few reasons to it.

This attraction’s name is “Snow White’s Adventures” at Tokyo Disneyland, but that name only exists in Japan. Anaheim Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, Disneyland Paris has totally different title of atmosphere.

The title is “Snow White’s Scary Adventures”. So, this attraction was scary from the start, but “scary” didn’t make it to the title of Snow White’s Adventures of Tokyo Disneyland.

But I am sure you don’t really have an image of this story being so scary. The reason why they made the attraction scary is because there was concept of let the guests to experience the story from the Snow White’s point of view.

To be a Snow White, may be there are full of scary things.

Also, with Tokyo Disneyland the Snow White’s Adventures were made as haunted house type, so the end of the attraction was created to be emphasizing the scariness.

With Anaheim Disneyland or Magic Kingdom, or Disneyland Paris have proper ending to it.

*Anaheim Disneyland.
Huge picture book of saying “And they lived happily every after” is existed at the exit

*Magic Kingdom.
Scene of Prince saving Snow White by his kiss is reproduced.

*Disneyland Paris.
The scene of Prince saving Snow White by his kiss is reproduced just like Magic Kingdom.

To compare that actually every Disneyland has slightly different performances.

For me it would be better to have the final scene that everyone knows about” like other parks, but what do you think?

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