【tdr0167】Manhole that makes something happen when going on that.


A Town that Mickey and his friends lives inside the Tokyo Disneyland “Toon Town”

Uniquely shaped houses and street lights are lined and is a very popular spot that you have high possibility of meeting Disney Characters than any other areas.

The manhole that exists at “Toon Town”, did you know that there is one manhole that makes wonderful thing happen when going on that?

I am sure there are people who don’t know about, but it is located near the shop called “Gag Factory: Five And Dime”, which sells “Toon Town original goods”.

There is a manhole cover that has words of “TOON HOLE” and drew Mickey smiling and when stepping on that it talks! Manhole that exists near the Gag Factory: Five And Dime is the only manhole that talks and it talks with 34 types of voice.

Those who are interested please find out and step on it for memory.

Although it might be not very clear to hear, because of voices or music around it, so when you are stepping on it try to listen carefully.

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