【tdr0157】Cruiser of “Jungle Cruise” had name?


Jungle attraction of Tokyo Disneyland “Jungle Cruise”.

This attraction was active as one of popular attraction that has 765-yrd course that is created with Amazon River, Nile River, and Irrawaddy River has about 160 of audio-animatronics that looks so real.

This attraction was opened in public since the Tokyo Disneyland was opened, but in 2014, September 8th, it was out of service due to grand re-opening as “Jungle Cruise: Wild life Expedition”.

It is excited to see how the attraction was changed, but today I would like to write about the former boat.

There are 13 boats in total for this attraction, but boat was named with “name of River” and “name of woman” when grand re-opening in 2000.

I have listed below, so check it out.

*Amazon Annie: lifeguard’s boat.
・The world biggest River that exists at Brazil and tropical rainforest of countries around.

*Irrawaddy Irma:Explorer’s boat
・River that runs center of Myanmar The name was changed to Ayeyarwady in 1989.

*Orinoco Idae:Painter’s boat.
・The river starts from South Venezuela of Parima Mountains and connects to Atlantic Ocean.
It is the three biggest river of South America.

*Ganges Gertie:Fisher’s boat.
・River that runs North Indian subcontinent.

*Kwango Kate:Photographer’s boat.
・River that runs on the border of Angola and Congo.

*Congo Connie:Explorer’s boat.
・River that runs Congo basin meanderingly. It is the second longest river in African continent.

*Sankuru Sadie:Collector’s boat.
・The river runs Republic of Congo.

*Zambesi Zelda:biologist’s boat.
・River that runs from South of Africa to Indian Ocean. It is the 4th longest river in Africa.

*Senegal Sal:Explorer’s boat.
・River runs West of Africa.

*Nile Nellie:Explorer’s boat.
・The world biggest river that runs from North-eastern African continent to the Mediterranean.

*Volta Val:Explorer’s boat.
・River that runs African continent and have a total length of 994 mile.

*Rutshuru Ruby:Treasure hunter’s boat.
・Town of Nord-Kivu, republic of Congo.

*Wanba Wanda:Doctor’s boat.
・Équateur of Republic of Congo.

As you can see from above, it is very individuation and each boat has different decoration based on each theme.

For example with boat of lifeguard “Amazon Annie” has swim ring is hanged and with “Wanba Wanda”, which is doctor’s boat has bandage is hanged.

There are other detail differences to make the guests to understand which boat they are on.

To not forget about creating fine detail is so Disney.

It is so exciting to see how the “Jungle Cruise: Wild life Expedition” will be look like after the grand re-opening.

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