【tdr0151】What was the model of Tokyo Disneyland’s “Big Thunder Mountain”?


1880’s after the gold rush, the roller coaster type attraction that motif in mining railway that goes out of control at abandoned mine is “Big Thunder Mountain”.

The total cost of $8 million was spent to build Western land and 1987, July 4th it was opened to public. Since it is popular regularly and Critter Country of “Splash Mountain”, Tomorrowland of “Space Mountain” is called “The three biggest mountains” and is Tokyo Disneyland’s leading attractions.

The motif is “mining railway of after gold rush 1880’s”.

The model was a 1962’s American film “How the West was Won” (An epic film drew by the pioneer family point of view of the 50 years of frontier time, which was 1839 to 1889.) A Western film, red lands, and pioneer history… You can notice these elements are used fully when seeing “Big Thunder Mountain”.

The time of period and background is I have explained above, but how about the “exterior”. What was the model?

The model is “Thunder Mountain” that exist at Sedona of Arizona, United States of America.

The name is as it is.

But why is that mountain? The reason is so simple that Walt Disney had country house at Sedona. When he was spending time at there and saw the “Thunder Mountain” that rises on the vast land he was moved hugely.

The maximum speed of Tokyo Disneyland “Thunder Mountain” is 24.85 mile per hour.

It may feel quite fast, but did you know the Tokyo Disneyland’s Thunder Mountain is the slowest comparing to Anaheim Disneyland or Magic Kingdom Disneyland Paris.

Also, real monitor is used to reduce the speed and stopping when it is raining and drive when departure, increase the speed, and reduce the speed when arriving accurately. To compare other parks it is considering the safety more.

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