【tdr0147】One and only living human at “Haunted Mansion”


“Haunted Mansion” of Tokyo Disneyland is the best horror ride attraction in Disney parks. This attraction is set in mansion that has 999 of ghosts settled and they are trying to pull the guests to make the 1,000th of them everyday.

Even though the mansion is so unpleasant there is one living human. That person is middle aged man who is managing the graveyard, which located back of the mansion. He wears hat, has lump on his right hand and a dog, which seems he is the owner.

He has to manage the graveyard of site even there is 999 of ghosts is living.

He isn’t very good with ghosts and he is managing it by frightened with ghosts.

Question of “why he is managing the graveyard when he is so scared of ghosts”, but the biggest question is “why ghosts try not to seduce him to be the 1,000th of them”. May be they are appreciate of him being managing the area?

I pray for him to be free from the mansion soon.

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