【tdr0144】Limitation of activity? The residents of “Haunted Mansion”.


The best horror ride attraction of Disney parks is “Haunted Mansion”, which located in Tokyo Disneyland. This attractions is set in mansion that has 999 of ghosts settled and they are trying to pull the guests to become one of them everyday.

Especially the small woman “Little Leota” who is waiting towards the last of attraction at farther down the graveyard area tells to the guests….

“Hurry ba-ack…hurry ba-aack.
Be sure to bring your death certificate if you decide to join us.
Make final arrangements now.
We’ve been dying to have you.”

She seems very desperate to seduce the guests to become 1,000th of the ghost. You may think if she wants to make more friends then she should expand the activity base and pull the guests forcibly…

But it seems she cannot do that.

It doesn’t mean that she cannot move because she is restligeists, it’s more like there is limitation that she only can active inside the Haunted Mansion.

There is a place that you can see the limitation.

It is the exit above the Haunted Mansion.

Where the emergency exit light, it says “DEAD END! Prepare to exit to the living world”. So the outside of mansion is world of humans and ghosts cannot enter that world.

That is why all the ghosts are continuing the seducing activity in side the mansion.

We don’t want to be there 1,000th, but let’s go easy with their seducing activity.

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