【tdr0133】The way of shortening the waiting time for slightly at Tokyo Disneyland.


Disney attractions waiting time decreased by fastpass. But it only makes slightly and it is boring while waiting and burdens mentally and physically hugely.

So, I would like to introduce few tips to make the waiting time shorter.

1. If you want to get on all the three biggest mountains.

The Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and Space Mountain. This three biggest mountains, there are tons of people who want to go on all of the three rides.

First, get “fastpass of Splash Mountain”.

It is because fastpass of Splash Mountain gets sold out at no time. It is smoother to get the fastpass of Splash Mountain first and go see the other two “mountains” waiting time then get on the one that takes you to the ride quicker.

Also, at the entrance of Splash Mountain, the fastpass queue is on the right side and the queue of people without the fastpass is on the left side, but the queue of without fastpass gets two lines on the way. So, when you want to get on the ride as quick as you can then get on the right queue, because by the structural of the building the right side queues is shorter.

It makes 2 or 3 minutes difference only, but it is faster.

2. The way of aiming the not so busy time of period of Space Mountain.

“Space Mountain” is especially popular with students among other three biggest mountains. Meaning of it is popular with students it gets busier from February to April. Some time people have to wait for 3 hours to get on the ride.

The best time to go to Space Mountain is during the night parade or right after. Going to Space Mountain along the parade you can actually get on the ride smoothly.

3. Fantasy type of rides gets busy actually.

Fantasy types of attractions have wide popularity from kids to adult, so people tend to wish to go on those rides, so it can be said it is hidden popular spot. Some time the queue does not get shorter even at night.

“Peter Pan’s Flight” is always so popular and cannot use fastpass, so this attraction’s waiting time is so long through the day.

If going there right after opening the park then you may get to get on the ride quick. It would be great to get on this attraction first after going inside the park.

4.Haunted Mansion is depends on the season.

Compare to other attraction, “Haunted Mansion’s” waiting time is comparatively shorter.

Also, it is located very near the parade route, so this attraction gets huge effects of parade.

Many people tend to go to “Haunted Mansion” right after seeing the parade, so it actually gets busier only during that time of period.

Although sometime it has special version, so the waiting time gets longer depending on the season.

“Haunted Mansion” does special version during Christmas and especially during “Holiday Nightmare” the popularity of this attraction gets high, therefore many people wants to experience this attraction. Of course the waiting time increases hugely. Please get the fastpass during those seasons.

Everyone wish to shorten the waiting time at Tokyo Disneyland. Things I have introduced are small tips, but please try.

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