【tdr0129】The reason why Castle Carousel of Disneyland is turning anticlockwise?


When observing attraction of Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea it can be putted in a group of “turning clockwise” and “turning anticlockwise”. I am sure gusts are not really paying attention to that, but the way of turning there is a specific reason based on certain rule.

The rule is called “anticlockwise rule”.

To explain it roughly, “people feel comfortable turning anticlockwise rather than clockwise”. There are reasons like “the heart of human is located on the left side of the body and turn anticlockwise to protect that”, “because right brain, which is taking charge of sense is connected to left side of body organs”, “human tend to put weight on the left side to balance the body because heavy organs are all located on the right side of the body”, and “human body is made harder to twist on the right side than left side”.

From the “anticlockwise rule”, so Disneyland made thrill type attractions are turning clockwise and relax type attraction is anticlockwise.

From the things above, guest’s favorite “relax type attraction” that exists in Tokyo Disneyland “Castle Carousel” is turning anticlockwise. Also the “Caravan Carousel” of Tokyo DisneySea is turning anticlockwise too. Carousel that turns anticlockwise while going up and down slowly had psychological tricks to it.

Actually there is another reason that “Castle Carousel” is turning anticlockwise”.

Meaning of anticlockwise is “rewinding the clock hand”. Therefore it has meaning of “going back to childhood (child mind) by rewinding the clock hand”.

“Castle Carousel” certainly brings back the pureness that we had in the childhood. It has amazing attraction to it.

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