【tdr0077】 Building “Monsters, Inc.” attraction is already decided from the beginning?


Monsters, Inc. is a feature full computer graphic animation film that produced by Pixar Animation Studio and Walt Disney Pictures. Since this film was released in 2001, November 2nd in Unite States of America and 2002, March 2nd in Japan it acquired popularity together with characters.

From that popularity, Pixar released computer animated short comedy film “Mike’s New Car!” in next year and in 2013, 3-D computer animated comedy “Monsters University” was released. Also, “Monsters, Inc.” attraction is available with Disney parks around the world and these can make certain about it is popular worldwide.

But this attraction is already had a plan of building before it became popular. But, why is that?

The answer reveals at the end of “Monsters, Inc.”.

“Mike” who is a best friend of main character “Sulley” visits room of “a boy” to gather laughs. The poster that is hanged on the wall of the room, this is “Boundin” poster, which is Pixar short film that produced in 2003. And the other one is a poster of “Tomorrowland”.

It is great that poster of “Boundin” is on the wall even it is not completed at the time, but the problem is with poster of “Tomorrowland”. At that time people guessed they are giving us clue of Tomorrowland attraction appears anytime soon.

So, which park has “Monsters, Inc.” attraction, I have listed theme parks from the oldest to latest that build “Monsters, Inc.” attraction, so check it out.

“Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to Rescue!”
Place: Disney California Adventure/ Hollywoodland.
Opened in public in 2006, January 23rd.

“Monsters, Inc. Laugh floor”
Place: Magic Kingdom/ Tomorrowland.
Opened in public in 2007, April 2nd.

“Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek!”
Place: Tokyo Disneyland/ Tomorrowland.
Opened in public in 2009, April 15th.

The attractions are opened in public after few years of releasing the film of “Monsters, Inc”, but it is built in “Tomorrowland” of Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland like the poster on the wall.

It makes you suspicious that this obviously has some relation with “Monsters, Inc.” poster…

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