【tdr0070】All the kids can become prince or princess “Castle Carrousel”


“Castle Carrousel”, is carrousel at Tokyo Disneyland.

To compare with other carrousels, it is very big and the wooden horse is 90 in total. The exterior that took motif from Cinderella is elegant and gorgeous ornaments catch the eyes. Also, lighted up “Castle Carrousel” at night is especially beautiful and really creates fantasy atmosphere.

This “Castle Carrousel”, it has features that cannot be seen other carrousels.

That is “all the wooden horses are white horses”.

Well, other carrousels have lots of different animals or brown horse. But why “Castle Carrousel” wooden horses are all white horses?

That is because “all the people who goes on the Castle Carrousel to be Prince or Princess”.

White horse is a special horse for Prince or Princess. When first planning the carrousel, the white horse was planning to be set only one. But “special horse” is what everyone wants to ride. So they thought it will be a competition who goes on first.

To be competitive by one horse even it is a fantasy atmosphere that everyone can enjoy is wrong, and kids who couldn’t go on the special horse gets sad, so they decided all the wooden horse to white horse.

Everyone can be Prince or Princess is only can be done with fantasyland.

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