【tdr0068】The name of Mark Twain Riverboat comes from what?


“Mark Twain Riverboat”, which has fully been used at Tokyo Disneyland Western Land. Mark Twain Riverboat is a remake of paddle wheeler that sailed on Mississippi River during 1850’s and was a ship structured 4 layers with beautiful ornaments that used to called “floating palace”.

So, this riverboat’s name “Mark Twain”, have you ever heard of that? If you are a reader, you might have heard of this name before.

Because this “Mark Twain” is a pen name of famous author in America in 1800’s and the real name is “Samuel Langhorne Clemens”, the author of “The Adventure of Tom Sawyer”.

Then why riverboat named after “Mark Twain”?

The reason is very simple that “Walt Disney admired The Adventure of Tom Sawyer”. So the riverboat was named “Mark Twain Riverboat” and there is “Tom Sawyer Island” near the American river where the riverboat is floating.

The story that Walt Disney loved became the name of island and the author who wrote the story became the name of the riverboat… It is unique that the further you know the history you see the Walt Disney’s sense of humor.

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