【tdr0033】 Unlucky number: 13 minutes of waiting time


In Western countries, “13” is hated and avoided as an unlucky number. In Japan, people generally consider “4” as an unlucky number, but more and more people have come to believe that “13” is unlucky partly because of the popular horror movie “Friday the 13th”.

By the way, the horror ride attraction “The Haunted Mansion” has something to do with the number 13.

The Haunted Mansion in Tokyo Disneyland is so popular that on weekends you have to wait at least one hour. On weekdays, however, you can sometimes ride it only after waiting for 10 minutes or so. When the estimated waiting time is around 10 minutes, this attraction displays the waiting time as “13 minutes” on purpose.

By using an unlucky number for the waiting time, they are making a horror atmosphere.

Thus, when the waiting time is displayed as “13 minutes”, it does not mean exactly 13 minutes but approximately 10 minutes. You may be able to ride it earlier than displayed.

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