【tdr0031】 Meaning of names on tombstones near the exit of The Haunted Mansion


“The Haunted Mansion”, a horror ride attraction in Tokyo Disneyland, is said to be home to 999 ghosts, which are looking for the 1000th ghost among the guests. Near the spooky exit of the mansion, there are large tombstones with names engraved on them.

If you look carefully at the 20 persons’ names carved on the tombstones, you will find some ‘secret’ behind them.

For example, there is a name “C U Later”. When you say it loud… did you notice it?

If you change “C” and “U” into their homonyms, they become “see” and “you”, making the sentence “See you later” (“Mata aimasho” in Japanese).

Yes, there is a message hidden behind each name.

In the same way, the 20 persons’ names turn out to be words or messages as follows:

● Harry After (here after)
○ Clare Voince (clairvoyance)
● C U Later (see you later)
○ Hal Lusinashun (hallucination)
● Paul Tergyst (poltergeist)
○ THEO LATER (see you later)
● Lev Itation (levitation)
○ HOBB GOBBLIN (hobgoblin)
● Dustin T Dust (dust to dust)
○ Rustin Peese (rest in peace)
● Ray N Carnation (reincarnation)
○ I. M. Mortal (immortal)
● M. T. Tomb (empty tomb)
○ U. R. Gone (you are gone)
● PEARL E. GATES (pearly gates)
○ I. Trudy Departed (I truly departed)
● I. L. Beback (I’ll be back)
○ Asher T. Ashes (ashes to ashes)
● Sue Pernaral (supernatural)
○ G. I. MISYOU (gee, I miss you)

These words and messages are found to be hidden.

Disney Parks are always trying to add drops of humor and playfulness everywhere so as to make the guests feel fun and not bored.

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