【tdr0027】 Secret behind the stretching walls and portraits in The Haunted Mansion


“The Haunted Mansion” is a popular horror attraction in Tokyo Disneyland.

When you go through a spooky pathway and enter the mansion, you hear an eerie BGM. In front of you is a portrait of the master, who ushers you into what is called the “stretching room”. It is an octagonal gallery with striped wallpaper and four portraits. At a glance, there is nothing special about the room. However, there is some special trick behind it.

Literally, the “stretching room” stretches upward; more specifically, the walls and portraits stretch. There is a little ingenuity behind them.

With the green and white striped pattern, the wall gives even more optical illusion when it stretches vertically. The four portraits stretch in tandem with the wall. It is quite interesting to see how these portraits gradually show the whole picture.

The following characters are depicted in the four portraits:

– A young woman holding a pink parasol
– A woman holding a rose
– A man with a mustache, dressed in a tailcoat
– A man with his arms crossed, wearing a hat

After the portraits stretch, they turn to be…

– A woman balancing on a tightrope above the river where alligators open their jaws to eat her
– A woman joyfully sitting on top of the tombstone of her dead husband
– A man wearing a tailcoat and only boxer shorts on the bottom, standing atop a keg of dynamite
– Three men standing on one another’s shoulders, trying to survive in the quicksand

Thus, the four portraits reveal spooky scenes with horrific atmosphere. When the portraits stretch, the frames stretch as well along with them. As a matter of fact, while the top and bottom sides of the frame are real, the left and right sides are just pictures, which enable the portraits and the frame to look like stretching together.

When you visit The Haunted Mansion next time, please look carefully at the stretching walls and portraits.

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