【tdr0021】The wheelhouse of that steamboat used to be open to public?


“Mark Twain” is a popular steamboat in the Westernland of Tokyo Disneyland. The gorgeously decorated four-story boat, also known as a “Floating Palace”, offers a twelve-minute gracious cruise.

The first floor is called “Main Deck”, the second floor “Promenade Deck” and the third floor “Texas Deck”, and there is a small wheelhouse on the fourth floor. By the way, did you know that the guests used to be able to enter the wheelhouse?

It is not open to the public anymore, but until around 2005, the guests could enter the wheelhouse just by telling the cast member to let them in. Furthermore, they could receive a certificate of boarding as a memento.

So, for those who entered the wheelhouse and received the certificate back then, the experience must be a very good memory, which those who haven’t should feel envious about. For now, there seems to be no plan to open the wheelhouse to the public, so all we can do is just wish it to be opened again in the future.

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