【tdr0020】The trader in Jungle Cruise changed his product?


“Jungle Cruise” is a popular jungle ride attraction of Tokyo Disneyland, consisting of the Amazon, Nile and Irrawaddy Rivers, which was originally created in 1941 based on Walt Disney’s experience of sailing up rivers in the Latin American country of Columbia.

This attraction started to operate on April 15, 1988, but some modifications have gradually been made since then.

For example, ignition-type cap guns used to be fired during the cruise in the beginning, but these were replaced by electric prop guns (making only a gunshot sound) later. Also, some change was made to a native of the jungle ‘Trader Sam’ who appears along the way.

What was changed is a product Trader Sam was holding in his hand. Originally he was holding a shrunken head to sell, but is now holding a bunch of bananas, which is much healthier and more peaceful than a shrunken head. Well, what happened to him?

He had been selling shrunken heads for about 20 years since the opening, and suddenly changed the course to sell bananas. The reason behind the change seems to be public opinions. The shrunken head sure is creepy, so it is no wonder there were negative opinions. We can imagine there were various voices about a wrong prejudice against jungle, bad influence on education for children, and so on.

The Jungle Cruise was closed on January 6, 2014 for renewal, and reopened as “Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expeditions” on September 8, 2014.

You may wonder how the Trader Sam in the former Jungle Cruise was renewed. Well, we will save it for another article.

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