【tdr0019】A rare object at Big Thunder Mountain in Tokyo Disneyland


“Big Thunder Mountain” is a thrilling roller coaster ride designed in the motif of a runaway mine train going through the wilderness. The setting is a coal mine in the 1880’s after the Gold Rush. The thrilling and powerful ride is one of the most popular attractions in Tokyo Disneyland.

At the entrance to the Big Thunder Mountain, there is an old steam tractor. It has such a great presence that there should be many people who have thought “It looks very real”.

In fact, this does not just look real but is a genuine steam tractor made in 1898 which was actually used as a tractor. Furthermore, there are only a few units of the tractor in the world now. We can see how rare it is.

Now, don’t you wonder why there is such a rare thing in Tokyo Disneyland?

This was thanks largely to a woman’s word.

At first, the owner of the steam tractor had no intention of selling the tractor at all. So, when the Disneyland in Anaheim negotiated with him to place it at the Big Thunder Mountain, he stubbornly refused to sell it.

Thus, the Disneyland in Anaheim had to give up. Some years later, before Tokyo Disneyland was opened, the representative visited the owner again to negotiate with him. Then, his wife said, “I’d like a trip rather than the steam tractor.”

Yes, she meant she wanted her husband to take her on a trip with the money earned by selling the tractor. Hearing her word, the owner decided to sell the tractor, which was sent to Tokyo Disneyland.

Anyway, Tokyo Disneyland succeeded in negotiation with the owner and gained what the Disneyland in Anaheim did not. We have to thank his wife for her word.

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