【tdr0003】What is “Challenger Certificate” for the time you have grown up?


Tokyo Disney Resort provides several types of priority passes which allow you to enjoy attractions faster than regular guests in Disney Parks.

One of them is “Fastpass”. This pass basically gives you a preferential access to an attraction, allowing you to enjoy attractions smoothly. However, it needs to be obtained beforehand and is not necessarily available.

There is another type of pass, which is issued when an attraction is stopped for some reason and there is no prospect for resuming. This pass overrides the Fastpass above. Under the same category, there is a pass called “Challenger Certificate”. Well, do you know what the Challenger Certificate is?

For the guests’ safety, each attraction at Disneyland and DisneySea has height restriction. Unfortunately, children who fall short of the requirement are not allowed to ride the attraction. Those rejected to enjoy it because of their height may feel bad. Issued for these children is the “Challenger Certificate”.

With this “Challenger Certificate”, the child will be led preferentially to the attraction if he or she has grown up to meet the height requirement when coming back next time. In other words, it tells the child “Unfortunately you couldn’t make it today, but please give it a try again next time.”

The “Challenger Certificate” is prepared for each attraction. In the Space Mountain, for example, the child receives a “Future Space Mountain Astronaut Certificate”, which includes the Mickey Mouse’s signature and a message “You’ll be able to ride it when you have grown up a little more. Please show this certificate to a Space Mountain cast member next time.”

This kind of thoughtful considerations even for the children disappointed because of the height restriction is what Disney is all about. However, to avoid your children from getting disappointed, it is recommended to check the height restriction for each attraction in advance.

For your reference, height and age requirements are listed below.

Tokyo Disneyland

○ Gadget’s Go Coaster (3 years or older, 90 cm or taller)
○ Splash Mountain (3 years or older, 90 cm or taller)
○ Star Tours (102 cm or taller)
○ Space Mountain (102 cm or taller)
○ Big Thunder Mountain (102 cm or taller)
○ Grand Circuit Raceway (Parental accompaniment required if shorter than 132 cm)

Tokyo DisneySea

○ Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull (117 cm or taller)
○ Journey to the Center of the Earth (117 cm or taller)
○ Raging Spirits (From 117 cm to 195 cm)
○ Tower of Terror (3 years or older, 102 cm or taller)
○ Founder’s Flying Fish Coaster (3 years or older, 90 cm or taller)

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