【tdr0002】A hidden character XXX in the It’s a Small World?


One of the Disney’s most representative attractions found in Disney Parks all around the world is “It’s a Small World”.

With the exterior of building blocks, the world-famous theme song “It’s a Small World”, and as many as around 550 small dolls, this cute attraction brings back your childhood innocence.

In this attraction, guests watch dolls designed and dressed in the image of each country, traveling through six scenes: Europe, Asia, Africa, Central/South America, Oceania and a Finale scene. By the way, did you know that there is a hidden character among these dolls?

That hidden character appears in the Finale scene where dolls dressed in white from around the world sing in chorus. On a small rotating table with a white roof, there is a girl doll with pink bobbed hair. Please look carefully at the girl’s right hand.

In her right hand, she is holding a tiny, tiny doll of Pinocchio!

Frankly, this is something you wouldn’t notice unless being told so. But if you find it, it will surely be a joyful discovery. So, some even say that “Make a wish after finding the Pinocchio, and it will come true.”

If you have a chance to ride the It’s a Small World, how about trying to find the tiny Pinocchio?

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