tdr0998_”The Lone Ranger” stopped production once?


Walt Disney Pictured distributed western film “Lone Ranger” was released on August 2nd 2013.

It is a story about evil hunter “Tonto (Johnny Depp) who swears revenge upon disaster that happened when he was a child and “John (Armie Hammer) who is a man who was saved by Tonto when he was about to die fight with evils and it was gathering many attentions in various ways before it was released.

One of that is “stopping production trouble”.

The announcement of production discontinue was made on August 12th 2011.

On that day Disney announced the production of “The Lone Ranger” would delay due to budget issue, but on August 15th they decided stop production by seeing box office of western film “Cowboys & Aliens” was poor.

How this happened?

It seems because there was confrontation of production budget between Disney, which is production studio side, Bruckheimer who is in charge of production, and director Verbinski.

No wonder why, the budget that assigned to production was $250,000,000. It is so much money, so it is quite understandable why they were confronted.

Disney side didn’t want to pay that large amount of money to western film that is not certain it would be a success, but oppositely director “didn’t want to compromise things that film needs”, so he was willing to create the film without giving up, therefore the production stopped.

After that Johnny Depp or Verbinski’s guarantee had to cut down and cut down as much as they could, so the announcement of restarting the production was made in October 2011 then started shooting from February 6th 2012.

At last the production cost became $218,000,000, so it was a success to reduce the cost, but it didn’t become a hit, so the world box office stopped with $264,200,000.

Many people who watched the film “The Lone Ranger” thought it was a fun film contrary to the result.

After all, may be western film didn’t match the current time of period.

If the production never restarted then this film would never gotten see by many people, so how about watching this film if you still haven’t watched it.

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