tdr0994_Number of students who go to Monsters University


Pixar’s feature length full computer graphic film “Monsters University” was released on July 6th 2013.

It is a story of 10 years back from the previous film “Monsters, Inc.” that is drawing Mike and Sulley meeting at Monsters University, which is an elite university and their growth.

So, this Monsters University has scarers section that became the top of “ranking of university that produces scarers” 143 years in row and many monsters go to this university as a gateway of success to a leading company Monsters, Inc..

Therefore over 5,000 of monsters appear during the film, but how many of students go to this university for real?

Monsters University has students of 12,389 with scarers section and 5,681 graduate students.

To have this many of students can only happen because it is such a popular elite university.

By the way, 978,000 students have graduated from Monsters University.

Enormous number of students graduated from this university to become an elite that only exists few.

Even in the world of monsters have high competition of finding work…. We all are the same, right?

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