tdr0989_It appears in every Pixar film? The identity of the ball


Pixar has created various famous films like Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., Incredibles, Up, and many other.

Unique characters appear in every Pixar film and they liven up the story, but other than those characters “certain thing” appears on screen in every Pixar film.

That certain thing is “Luxo Ball”.

It is a yellow ball that has red star and blue line printed the whole around and it appeared for the first time with short film, which became Pixar’s first film “Luxo Jr” and it was released in 1986, which is the following year Pixar established as an independent company.

Since it was the first film that created “John Lasseter” who also directed “Toy Story” transferred to Pixar, so “Luxo Jr” became such an irreplaceable film for Pixar.

Desk lamp, which is a main character, still appears beginning of Pixar films and I am sure there are many people have seen it. At the same time Luxo Ball appears every Pixar film’s one scene quitely.

For example, with “Incredibles” it blends in other toys that owned by son of main character, it appears in Boo’s room from “Monsters, Inc.” or Andy’s room from “Toy Story”, or it appears in the girl’s room when the house fly with “Up”, so it appears in everywhere.

It is such a flashy ball with strong colors, so it is not that hard to find.

To find where the Luxo Ball goes is one of recommendations when watching Pixar film.

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