tdr0986_Compared box office of “Toy Story” series


“Toy Story” is a popular series from Pixar that is gathering much popularity from all over the world.

The first film was released in 1995 and “Toy Story 4”, which is the new series is already planned releasing in 2017,so it is loved over many years, but how did it became so popular?

The popular transition is obvious when comparing the box office from “Toy Story” to “Toy Story 3”.

 【Whole world】 【America】 【Japan】 (production cost)
Toy Story: $361,950,000 $191,790,000 $1,500,000,000 $30,000,000
Toy Story 2: $485,010,000  $245,850,000  $3,400,000,000  $90,000,000
Toy Story 3: $1,063,170,000 $415,000,000 $10,800,000,000 $200,000,000

As you can see the third film box office expanded three times when the box office of first film was $361,950,000. It is twice larger when even seeing with only in America and 7 times larger box office was recorded in Japan. This data tells how Japanese people love “Toy Story”.

Toy Story’s box office expands as more the series get released and production coast also expanded.

I am sure when the 4th series get released the data will be more overwhelming if it attracts people as it did until now.

How more it gets popular… Let’s pay close attention to the box office that 4th film achieve.

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