tdr0969_The character who made cameo appearance on credit of “Finding Nemo”


Anemone fish parent and child’s adventure story “Finding Nemo” was released on May 30th 2003 (December 6th 2003 in Japan).

It is a heartwarming film that drawn a bound of family by Merlin and Nemo who were apart get reunion.

Anyway, Pixar, which creating various films including “Finding Nemo” creates “humorous scenes” during the film in every film.

During this film Buzz Lightyear from “Toy Story” appears on the screen quietly, but actually certain character from Pixar film made cameo appearance.

That character is Mike Wazowski from “Monsters, Inc.”.

Mike swimming with mask for diving, snorkel, and fin appears on end credit.

The way he diving is looking quite nicely.

“Monsters, Inc.” is a feature length film produced by Pixar and was released one before “Finding Nemo”.

May be that is why his cameo appearance became possible.

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