tdr0967_Mike and Sully from “Monsters University” became more stylish than previous film?


Feature length full computer graphic animated film “Monsters University” was produced with Disney and Pixar.

It was released on June 21st 2013 (July 7th 2013 in Japan) after about 11 years previous film “Monsters, Inc.” released and it became a huge hit.

The story is about Sulley and Mike, which is famous combination meet and their student time before starting work at “Monsters, Inc.”.

Of course both of them look younger than previous film, but to make monsters look young is hard to do that it is totally different making human look young. Even making the skin look firmer it doesn’t do anything to Sulley who has so much of hair.

So, Pixar made “certain difference” on their look to make them look younger.

That way of expressing is.. to make the characters look skinnier.

Even a person with muscle and looks fit when at young age, but gets chubby with getting aged. That adapted to monsters exactly.

Therefore, “Monsters University’s” Mike and Sulley looks skinnier than “Monsters, Inc.”.

Also, the computer processing ability improved, so with sully’s fluffy hair was increased twice the time and boosted up the youngness.

Please pay attention to Mike and Sulley’s difference when watching “Monsters University”.

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