tdr0963_Information of long waited sequel to Alice in Wonderland


Live action film “Slice in Wonderland” that released on March 5th 2010 (April 17th 2010 in Japan) that set in place of 13 years after the story of “Alice in Wonderland”.

It became a huge hit with $1 billion of box office and became popular by Johnny Depp playing the role of Mad Hatter.

Even many fans waited the sequel, but Alice’s world never came back on the screen at last.

The title of sequel to the film is “Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass”.

It is sequel to “Alice in Wonderland” that the film is taking place in “looking glass”. This film stars by Alice who came back to Wonderland realize unusual of Mad Hatter.

The story is about Alice going back to the past to bring back the Mad Hatter who became bit strange and have an adventure by finding out characters past and it will be released on July 1st 2016 in Japan.

The curious casts are like below.

[Characters that appears from the previous film(continued cast)]
Alice : Mia Wasikowska
Mat Hatter : Johnny Depp
Red Queen : Helena Bonham Carter
White Queen : Anne Hathaway

[Characters that appear from this film]
Time : Sacha Baron Cohen (key character)
Zanik Hightopp: Rhys Ifans (father of Mad Hatter

Other than familiar characters that appear from previous film, curious characters like Time or father of Mad Hatter, Zanik that are key characters will appear.

It is exciting to see what kind of story would it be.

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