tdr0955_Who is the tallest main character of Disney and Pixar?


Various characters are active with Disney and Pixar films, but today, I would like to pick up the “tallest main character” among those.

Let’s start with Pixar film, main character “James P Sullivan (Sulley) from “Monsters, Inc.”, which was released in 2001.

The huge body and scary looking is his weapon, scarer, and strongest one.

And main character “Ralph” from “Wreck-It Ralph”, which was released in 2012 from Disney.

He is a giant who plays villain with game “Fix-it Felix”, which appears during the story.

Both character has strong impact as a main character with huge body, but which one is the tallest?

Ralph is 9 feet tall.
Sulley is 7.87 feet tall.

By having 1.15 feet difference “Ralph” is a clear victory.

By the way care robot Baymax who appears in film “Big Hero6″, which was released in 2014 is 6 feet tall. He seems huge, but he is quite small when comparing with Ralph or Sulley.

It would be interesting to see which character will take over the Ralph’s record.

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