tdr0954_Delivery of Monsters, Inc.’s smartphone game


“Monsters, Inc.” series are very popular Pixar film.

Smartphone game application that created in motif of that world of view started delivery from major social networking service (SNS) “GREE” on August 8th 2013.

The title is “MONSTERS, INC. WORLD”.

It is a miniscape typed simulation game that creates original monster city by adding building while developing the town with scream energy by making kids scared.

The time axis of this game is between the “Monsters University” and “Monsters, Inc.”.

Over 80 characters that Disney and Pixar film staff created appears other than main character of series like “Sulley” or “Mike” and they all help to liven up the city.

The delivery started with Android (over 4.0) and iOS and the number of downloads increased steadily, but it ended on March 31st 2014.

It disappeared with less than a year from the delivery.

It doesn’t mean it had bad reputations and it is unfortunate that there were many users having fun with it.

Hopefully other application will be developed someday.

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