tdr0951_Meat bun started to sell commemorating the release of Monsters University?


Pixar film “Monsters University” was released on July 6th 2013.

It is still fresh in mind that it became a hit film about Mike and Sulley in school days by going back 10 years of time from previous film “Monsters, Inc.”.

So, because such popular series film was released project of collaboration started with various companies.

One of that was “selling meat bun”.

500,000 of limited meat buns started to sell from August 13th 2013 with 9,600 of Family Mart, which is major convenience store chain.

There were 2 kinds, which is soy sauce meat puns that looks like Sulley and salt meat bun that looks like Mike. Both were sold with $1.90.

Because it is meat bun, Sulley’s fluffiness couldn’t express, but roundness of Mike is perfectly expressed. It was sold out having support of the way it looks and the impact of it.

There is no planning of it reselling, but hopefully someday such collaborated products will be developed.

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