tdr0946_Main character of spin-off film of “Cars” series is airplane?


Feature length computer graphic animation “Cars” is a film with red racing car that created by Pixar.

The first film was released in 2006 and second film was released in 2011, so it is the film serialized after “Toy Story” for Pixar and is such a popular film.

Because it is such a popular film spin-off film “Planes”, which has airplane main character, was released on August 9th 2013 (December 21st 2013 in Japan).

Executive producer was done by John Lasseter who also directed “Cars” and was produced by Disney Toon Studios rather than Pixar.

It is quite surprising that company is different from the film even it is a spin-off film, but the view of the world is same as “Cars” that it tells a comical everyday life of vehicles with face.

The main character of this film is “Dusty Crophopper” who is a crop duster that lives in a small town.

He has fear of height even he is an airplane, but he is dreaming to participate in airplane race even he is a crop duster and in this story he fights with himself to make his dream that doesn’t seem coming true to true.

Because it is a spin-off film the world of view or vehicles point of view are staying the same, but story or the things that the story want to tell is totally different.

This film is recommended for those who still haven’t watched “Cars” or “Cars” fans.

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