tdr0945_Film that has the most number of characters in history of Pixar


Pixar Animation Studio continues creating many famous films like “Toy Story” series or “Monsters, Inc.” Series.

Now Pixar became a company leads computer graphic industry and has created many unique characters with high computer graphic skills.

Especially “Monsters University” that released on July 8th 2013 is extraordinary that it gathered many attentions by having the most number of characters in the history of Pixar by creating various monsters.

Over 5,000 monsters were created that it is unbelievable number for animation.

John Lasseter who directed this film said “I never counted, so I can only say over 5,000″, so characters that even director cannot grasp are appearing in this film.

As the title of “Monsters University” this story is taken place at university.

University is the place where people gather to study, so it is understandable why it ended up that many of characters. But you would never imagine it would be this many.

After 11 years from the previous film “Monsters, Inc.”.

With that time because Pixar’s computer graphic skill, computer’s processing ability, arithmetic power improved outstandingly, so Pixar was able to create this many characters.

It is exciting to see what kind of things would be able to express with computer graphic animation.

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