tdr0913_Among many other Disney songs a song became first in the American general chart


Disney has been sending so many music in this world.

Music like “Mickey Mouse March” or “Electrical Parade” and songs that we all know like “When You Wish Upon a Star” or “It’s a Small World”, Disney has so many famous music.

Lately “Frozen’s” “Let It Go” achieved a huge hit and we often heard this song at many places, but actually among many other Disney songs only one song became 1st in the American general chart (as of August 2015).

The American general chart is “Billboard Hot 100″ that is announced by American weekly music industry magazine “Billboard” that sums up from various directions like of course the sales, but also number of broadcasting on radio to make the ranking.

With such popular and completely trustable chart the Disney song that acquired 1st for the first time in the history is…

Film Aladdin’s featured song “A Whole New World”.

It is a kind of ballad that Aladdin and Jasmine sing on the magic carpet.

It acquired 1st on the “Billboard Hot 100’s” week of March 6th 1993

At that time theme song “Always love you” from film “Body Guard” was acquiring 1st 14 weeks in row, but A Whole New World acquired 1st usurped that position.

By the way ranking of “Let It Go!” on Billboard Hot 100″ was 5th. Even it was that popular only made to 5th, so now we know how incredible the “A Whole New World” is.

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