tdr0912_Fashions of racers from “Wreck-It Ralph” are Harajuku style?


“Wreck-It Ralph” is a fantasy adventure film that is taken place the world of arcade game and was released on November 2nd 2012 (March 23rd 2013 in Japan).

During the film, world of race game “Sugar Rush” appears.

It has such a cute snack world that it has candy bars forest and diet cola volcano and racers that appear in the story has three heads high, so they are so cute.

They are all wearing colorful clothes and they have individual unique fashion that some are having cute ribbon on head, wearing a cap, or knitted hat, but these fashions is taken from existent fashion.

The fashion that was in motif was “Harajuku Fashion”, which expressed individuality at Harajukeu, the town young Japanese gather.

I don’t know if the unique atmosphere of Harajuku is making the young ones to have unique, avant-grade that cannot see any other place, but that fashion taste was adapted to the racers.

Moreover, “Sugar Rush” game’s snack world is created in motif of Harajuku. When it is said it is quite understandable.

Race game “Sugar Rush” that has setting of a game that is released by a Japanese game maker and existing Japanese game characters appear during the story, so “Wreck-It Ralph” became a film that is strongly related with Japan.

It is great for Disney fans in Japan.

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