tdr0905_Sequel to Nemo? Who is the main character this time?


Feature length full computer graphic animated film and won feature length animated award on 76th Academy Awards “Finding Nemo”.

It is produced together with Pixar Animation Studio and Walt Disney Company and is one of popular film of Pixar’s that released on May 30th 2003 (December 6th 2003 in Japan), but did you know the sequel to the film is produced?

With first film was taken place in Grate Barrier Leaf, Australia and has adventure story of anemone fish “Nemo” and his father “Marlin” meet again, but the 2nd film, which is sequel to that film’s main character is neither of “Nemo” nor “Marlin”.

Actually paracanthurus’s “Dolly” is the main character.

the title is “Finding Dolly”. It is so simple. When speaking of Dolly, she is a character that can read human writing that she was very useful in 1st film, but what kind of story does it have?

The story is about the time after half a year from the “Finding Nemo”.

One day, Dolly and Nemo participated in field trip together and learn ray has habit of going back to the own hometown.

All the sudden Dolly brought the memory of her childhood back and thought about her parents then Nemo and Dolly goes on a journey of finding her parents, but various troubles were waiting ahead.

It has a story that can see the past of Dolly who is known with severe amnesia.

With “Finding Dolly” that is already decided with appearing new characters like octopus, squid, or Sea lion.

The releasing date is decided on January 17th 2016 (in U.S.A)

Releasing date in Japan is still undecided, but it is exciting.

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