tdr0895_Rabbit Thumper that appears in Bambi has 4 sisters?


Disney’s feature length film “Bambi” was released on August 13th 1942 (May 18th 1951 in Japan).

All the characters, of course the main character that appear in this film are so cute and story-wise there is harsh scenes, but it is very heartwarming film.

Anyway, character that appears in “Bambi”, Rabbit “Thumper” is gathering popularity almost the same as Bambi. Thumper is the first best friend of Bambi and the name of Thumper was given, because he tap his legs and he is such a sweet and loveable character, right?

Anyway, such sweet rabbit Thumper has sweet family.

“Bambi’s” girlfriend “Miss Bunny” and the kids between them are probably famous, but actually there are 4 sisters other than them.

These 4 sisters appear in “Bambi 2″, which is sequel to the “Bambi” that released on February 7th 2006 (June 16th 2006 in Japan).

During this film Thumper’s sisters appear.

Sisters are slightly smaller than Thumper and the color of far is creamy light brown that it is different from Thumper. They are so small and sweet, but very energetic that Thumper is always pushed around.

He is such a fortunate rabbit that he has such a sweet sisters not only he has cute girlfriend.

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